USS Clueless

Stardate 20020228.1829: Hollings is serious about SSSCA
Stardate 20020228.1749: Eric Raymond sez
Stardate 20020228.1201: Lies
Stardate 20020227.1812: Muslim poll
Stardate 20020227.1742: Road Runner meltdown
Stardate 20020227.1608: Intelligence lack-of-success
Stardate 20020226.1952: French bogosity
Stardate 20020226.1846: A serious offer?
Stardate 20020226.1630: I'm ready for my closeup
Stardate 20020226.1436: Contradictions
Stardate 20020226.1318: When did we become human?
Stardate 20020226.1231: HIV vaccine
Stardate 20020226.1129: Blind spot
Stardate 20020226.1102: The plague returns
Stardate 20020225.1233: Endangered vermin
Stardate 20020225.1209: Hubble upgrade
Stardate 20020225.1149: Abuse of zoning
Stardate 20020225.1058: Running out of ammunition
Stardate 20020224.2313: Beyond a reasonable doubt
Stardate 20020224.2040: Lost in training
Stardate 20020224.2023: The battle, not the war
Stardate 20020224.1031: Son of SDMI
Stardate 20020223.2235: Canadian pressure
Stardate 20020223.2138: EU domain suffix chosen
Stardate 20020223.2115: Routing problems
Stardate 20020223.1713: New Israeli government
Stardate 20020223.1609: Black Studies
Stardate 20020222.2009: Space images
Stardate 20020222.1952: More anti-multilateralism
Stardate 20020222.1913: Conversion of a leftist
Stardate 20020222.1245: The Israeli Iron Curtain
Stardate 20020222.1159: How much would you bid?
Stardate 20020222.1050: Iraq strategic considerations
Stardate 20020222.0854: The dam has broken
Stardate 20020222.0616: New thinking in the Mideast
Stardate 20020222.0603: Pearl's death
Stardate 20020221.2303: Clark's suit dismissed
Stardate 20020221.2237: Tuition increases
Stardate 20020221.1143: Lethal mechanism of cyanide
Stardate 20020221.1105: Dealing with scum
Stardate 20020221.1020: Microsoft Jiu Jitsu
Stardate 20020220.2001: Laissez Faire regulation
Stardate 20020220.1408: Ferrocyanide
Stardate 20020220.1206: Shields that don't shield
Stardate 20020220.1109: Network effect for languages
Stardate 20020220.1055: Habeus Tortoise
Stardate 20020219.2140: Ice dancing fix
Stardate 20020219.2113: The final transaction
Stardate 20020219.2057: FTP problems solved
Stardate 20020219.2041: Tit for tat
Stardate 20020218.2128: Another fix?
Stardate 20020218.1604: World order the European way
Stardate 20020218.1345: Nav 4 bug
Stardate 20020218.1032: Abuse of terrorism
Stardate 20020218.0619: Message or envelope?
Stardate 20020217.1725: Drag racing
Stardate 20020217.1656: Where does liability end?
Stardate 20020216.2317: My opinion
Stardate 20020216.2208: Medication and surgery
Stardate 20020216.1822: European impotence
Stardate 20020216.1632: Read the code
Stardate 20020216.1312: Bombing Baghdad
Stardate 20020216.1232: Delicious words
Stardate 20020216.0537: Siege of Baghdad
Stardate 20020215.2236: The other four
Stardate 20020215.1611: Other ways it
Stardate 20020215.1444: The whole analysis
Stardate 20020215.1425: Why not like in Afghanistan?
Stardate 20020215.1336: Outside involvement
Stardate 20020215.1202: Axis of attack
Stardate 20020215.1115: Analysis of the war in Iraq
Stardate 20020214.2138: Asimo
Stardate 20020214.2106: Arafat the impotent
Stardate 20020214.2039: Historical what-if's
Stardate 20020214.1611: Security Council
Stardate 20020214.1504: Blind men and the Tiger
Stardate 20020214.1003: Iranian naval threat
Stardate 20020214.0930: Conspiracy to commit murder
Stardate 20020213.2202: The fix is in
Stardate 20020213.1637: Campaign finance reform
Stardate 20020213.1625: Arafat sez
Stardate 20020213.1324: Judging scandal
Stardate 20020213.1111: Would we lie to you?
Stardate 20020212.2218: The future of music
Stardate 20020212.1803: Obsolete charities
Stardate 20020212.1730: Taking the Fifth
Stardate 20020212.0607: Implausible lies
Stardate 20020211.1434: Cruel and unusual punishment
Stardate 20020211.1231: Marc Herold is wrong
Stardate 20020211.1214: Dollarizing Argentina
Stardate 20020210.1401: Walls and barbed wire
Stardate 20020210.1323: The MP3 genie
Stardate 20020210.1311: Unreliable allies
Stardate 20020210.1023: Too much defense spending
Stardate 20020210.0633: Starvation in North Korea
Stardate 20020209.2309: Caption contests
Stardate 20020209.2241: And then a miracle occurs
Stardate 20020209.1850: Unconventional warfare
Stardate 20020209.1815: Learning from our enemies
Stardate 20020209.0622: Chris Patten speaks
Stardate 20020208.2113: The sick are sinners
Stardate 20020208.2006: Continental European accomplishments
Stardate 20020208.1854: Olympics and World Fairs
Stardate 20020208.1841: Argentina loans
Stardate 20020208.0953: A sign of the times
Stardate 20020207.2216: Fighting AIDS on tick
Stardate 20020207.2157: Airline deathwish
Stardate 20020207.1757: Why we lost in Afghanistan
Stardate 20020207.1729: Iceland's military women
Stardate 20020207.1532: All in the back seat
Stardate 20020207.1517: Freedom to review
Stardate 20020207.1351: Intellectual property rights
Stardate 20020207.1333: Nightmares
Stardate 20020207.0950: Overanalyzing
Stardate 20020207.0557: Vampiric America
Stardate 20020206.1710: DNA indictment
Stardate 20020206.1239: Blessed extinction
Stardate 20020206.1223: Indictment of a traitor
Stardate 20020206.1152: University Women
Stardate 20020206.1010: Strange Victory
Stardate 20020206.0535: Another auditing triumph
Stardate 20020205.1914: This just in
Stardate 20020205.1900: The first sign of Spring
Stardate 20020205.1823: Getting it
Stardate 20020205.1723: Colin Powell, moderate
Stardate 20020205.1708: Not a suspect
Stardate 20020204.1901: Best Fighter
Stardate 20020204.1812: Civil War
Stardate 20020204.1359: Bluffs
Stardate 20020204.1222: The end of human evolution
Stardate 20020204.0918: WTC collapse
Stardate 20020204.0824: New sidebar list
Stardate 20020204.0632: Slashdotting
Stardate 20020203.2321: God bless the Olympics
Stardate 20020203.1612: Tuskegee Airmen
Stardate 20020203.1227: The power of ideas
Stardate 20020203.1120: Arafat speaks
Stardate 20020202.1507: Blog solutions
Stardate 20020202.1117: It's all your slant
Stardate 20020202.0552: mail strangeness
Stardate 20020201.1849: American exceptionalism
Stardate 20020201.0611: A thankless task

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