USS Clueless

This is a list of links to some log entries I think are among the best or most important I've written.

Diplomacy has nothing to do with "justice" or "fairness".

The perpetual American revolution.

A discussion of the prospects for development of a super-human intelligence.

In response to a letter received from Tehran, my description of why non-extremist Muslims should be actively fighting against terrorism.

A top-level briefing on the cause of the war, how we got involved, what our strategy is to win it, and how well that is going.

On the advantages of cultural cross-pollination. (And why it's politically significant that Americans are especially good at it, especially compared to continental Europe.)

I believe in atheism, but I know it can't be proved (because I used induction).

I'm a "Conservative" because I'm a liberal.

The guiding philosophy behind the founding of the European Union.

Carrots and sticks and war: three articles about negotiations from a systems analysis standpoint.

Everything that is truly important is worth fighting to defend.

Why it's OK to make mistakes.

How I write, which is to say, how it writes me.

The horrors of war, and why we have to fight this one anyway

Who our enemy really is, and what we'll have to do to achieve victory over them.

The reason they hate us.

On the significance of the American Citizen-Soldier

Jacksonian foreign policy and world government.

How I became an atheist

Comments on the International Criminal Court:
    as it relates to the US Constitution
    the laws it will enforce
    how its judges will be selected

The most critical question in life

The fossils of the Burgess Shale and World War III

Knots in the web

Two sides to terrorism

The problems of (minor) fame

Friends and enemies (And