USS Clueless

Sorry for sidetracking you here. If you haven't seen this page before, I'd appreciate it if you'd skim it. But first of all: do not send me HTML-formatted email.

Send me mail (for real this time)

I receive a lot of mail because of this site and most of that is thoughtful and deserves an answer. While I'd really love to be able to respond to every letter I receive, it just isn't possible. So if I don't answer you it isn't because I hate you (as one guy assumed once) but because yours was one of the 75 letters per day I can't answer instead of the 25 or so I do. (And sometimes, in order to answer more letters, my answers have to be brief. That's not intended to be rude; it's just practicality.)

As a general rule, i'm much more likely to respond to a letter if:

It's short. I simply don't have time to read letters which are a hundred lines long. (Yes, I know my own posts are much longer than that.)

It isn't HTML formatted. If I have to cut-and-paste the message into FrontPage to even figure out what's it about, I'm more likely to skip it. (Letters which are doubled, with both unformatted and formatted versions, are fine.)

It isn't abusive. Whether you agree with me or not, if you curse at me you go into the bozo bin. If you can't present your disagreement civilly, I'm not interested in talking to you.

It only talks about one subject.

I assume that letters sent to me may be published in whole or in part unless you say otherwise. If you have a web site and I know where it is, I'll use your full name or online pseudonym and link to you. If you don't have, I will refer to you by given name only (so that there's credit but also plausible deniability). If you want to be totally anonymous, you better say so.

But if your letter is abusive, I may decide to post your full name and email address.

There are certain kinds of letters I receive a lot and I thought it would save everyone time if I provided a few stock answers here.

You mispelled "prestidigitation". Please don't send me comments about spelling and grammar mistakes. (Haven't you got anything better to do?) I do want to know when I've loused up a link in a new article. On the other hand, I don't want to hear about link rot in old articles.

Hey, did you see this that Instapundit linked to? If you found a link on Instapundit or Little Green Footballs or Daily Pundit, I will see it when I visit those pages so you don't need to send it to me.

I'd like to send you a contribution, but I can't find your tip jar. I appreciate the offer, but I neither need nor want contributions.

Have you ever read anything by Ayn Rand? Yes, and I have no interest in doing so again, and I have no interest in discussing why it is that I have no interest in doing so again. I'm not an Objectivist, and I'm not interested in reading about Objectivism, and I'm not interested in discussing Objectivism. (The same thing goes about any other kind of zealotry. No, I haven't spoken to Jesus lately, and I don't plan to start.)

...anything about CDMA... That part of my life is now over, and I'm not keeping up with the industry and in fact have pretty much lost interest in it. I remember it and I do mention it sometimes on my site, but I can't tell you which cell phone company to use, or which handset to buy, and I really don't want to hear about the latest anti-Qualcomm venting in The Register. And no, I don't know how to break the subsidy lock on your phone and I wouldn't tell you even if I did.

You really shouldn't have posted this article or You really shouldn't have expressed this opinion. I post what I want to post. It's my server and my site. Maybe you don't like what I say, and that's fine; we can discuss the issue on the merits. But telling me to remove something from the site is not OK, whether it's because you found it offensive or because you thought I demeaned myself by posting it. Don't waste your time.

I'd love to see you write about this. I'll consider it. I really will. But I can't promise anything. I do not deliberately choose what I write about,