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Strange Google search strings (20011018)

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Chess and Go (3/2001)

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Steve's ad-block firewall list (3/2001, updated 20010402)

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Marriage and Atheism (3/2001)

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I'm proud to be an engineer (2/2001)

Brushes with death (2/2001)

MIA is not POW (2/2001)

T. Rex: predator or scavenger? (1/2001)

Epidemiology (how we know mosquitoes don't spread AIDS) 12/2000

Sickle Cell Anemia: a case study in evolution (8/2000)

The destruction of a useful word (8/2000)

Breaking up is hard to do (8/2000)

Science and Engineering (and why Creationism is bunk) (8/2000)

Evolution, Creation and Chocolate Cake (8/2000)

Anglo Women are an endangered species (8/2000)

The right to keep and bear arms (7/2000)

The mystery of music (7/2000)

Comments on Star Trek: The Next Generation (7/2000)

Notes on the rescue of Elian in Miami (4/2000)

The Human eye: a design review (4/2000)

We should not plan a manned mission to Mars

Open Source: On why not (Updated 11/2000)

Open Source: Free Speech or Free Beer? (4/2000)

What you should do when you receive SPAM

Is suicide sometimes a duty?

I am an ethical cynic

Ethics can't be based on belief in God

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