USS Clueless -- Biography of the Captain

  USS Clueless

             Voyages of a restless mind

Biography of Steven Den Beste

I was born in 1953, went to various and sundry schools and dropped out of college in December of 1975. I had worked a year between high school and college, worked summers, had part time jobs in college, received payments from my dad's pension after he died, went to a state school with subsidized fees, but with all of that, I finally reached the point where I either had to borrow money to stay in college (and I abhor debt) or I could drop out and take a standing offer of an Engineer's position at Tektronix at a salary of $12,900 per year. Wealth beyond my wildest imaginings!

These days I pay nearly that much each year in Social Security taxes.

I've been employed off and on since then as a software engineer, nearly always doing embedded work. I've been in many industries, but deep down it was all the same: microprocessors controlling custom hardware working in real time. I've worked on test and measurement equipment, factory automation systems, medical equipment, wide area networks, and now on cellular equipment.

I was for a long time a heavy gamer, into various board games and computer games, but as time goes on the novelty has dimmed. (

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