USS Clueless

Stardate 20030430.2346: Engineering for science
Stardate 20030430.2007: Poignant moment
Stardate 20030430.1803: Exploring the intellectual jungle
Stardate 20030430.0200: The engineering world
Stardate 20030429.2240: Military operations center
Stardate 20030428.1225: No terrorism
Stardate 20030428.0752: Free Tommy!
Stardate 20030427.1815: Occupational hazard
Stardate 20030427.1656: Negotiating from weakness
Stardate 20030426.1715: Tooth and tail
Stardate 20030426.1247: Bootstrapping traffic
Stardate 20030426.1200: The State Department
Stardate 20030425.2045: The UN is on the job
Stardate 20030425.1828: The Yom Kippur war
Stardate 20030424.2239: NK's New Bold Proposal
Stardate 20030424.1728: The lessons of the past
Stardate 20030424.1644: Wet Firecracker
Stardate 20030424.1341: New Constitutional Amendment
Stardate 20030424.0739: The Six Day War
Stardate 20030424.0204: Silver Lining
Stardate 20030423.2207: Accessing Lileks
Stardate 20030423.1422: Victory!
Stardate 20030422.0750: Buy French!
Stardate 20030421.2011: An old friend
Stardate 20030421.1759: Graceful failure
Stardate 20030421.1639: Paying off leaders
Stardate 20030421.1404: Oil from garbage
Stardate 20030420.1822: Why is NATO?
Stardate 20030420.0401: Big drug bust
Stardate 20030419.1944: German Perfidy
Stardate 20030419.1042: Schroeder apologizes
Stardate 20030418.2017: North Korean talks
Stardate 20030418.1712: Extreme solutions
Stardate 20030417.2037: More on the complicated arrest
Stardate 20030417.1942: Smart pennies
Stardate 20030417.1516: CNN Brouhaha
Stardate 20030417.0013: Complicated arrest
Stardate 20030416.2144: Some news for the BBC
Stardate 20030416.1725: Test of amicability
Stardate 20030415.2307: Where's Raed?
Stardate 20030415.1616: The new reality
Stardate 20030414.2050: Kidding the 4th
Stardate 20030414.0024: North Korea softening
Stardate 20030413.1152: Alienating Europe's left
Stardate 20030413.1118: Secret War
Stardate 20030412.1214: A symptom of health
Stardate 20030412.0343: Their own worst enemy
Stardate 20030412.0241: Loss of funding
Stardate 20030411.1334: Iraq is no Afghanistan
Stardate 20030411.0110: The Grinch
Stardate 20030410.2354: The end is in sight
Stardate 20030410.1644: Relief
Stardate 20030410.1526: Utter Hypocrisy
Stardate 20030409.1814: Searching for human rights under the streetlight
Stardate 20030409.1703: Lincoln comes home
Stardate 20030409.1641: Career Change
Stardate 20030409.0331: Generosity
Stardate 20030409.0229: Moral Blindness
Stardate 20030408.0729: Creative ambiguity
Stardate 20030407.1644: Naming the war
Stardate 20030407.1152: Humiliating their moustaches
Stardate 20030407.0803: Intelligence victory
Stardate 20030406.1212: Free Speech and Hate Speech
Stardate 20030405.1907: Siege
Stardate 20030405.1502: The Iraqi Killing Fields
Stardate 20030405.1155: Analysis II
Stardate 20030404.1644: American realism
Stardate 20030404.1542: Quack medicine
Stardate 20030404.1450: The Iraqi Street
Stardate 20030403.2203: Non-laws of physics
Stardate 20030403.0026: AntiAirport
Stardate 20030402.1620: Weasels deserting the sinking ship
Stardate 20030402.1212: Even-handedness
Stardate 20030401.1031: Desecration
Stardate 20030401.0931: Saddam's address

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