USS Clueless - No better friend, no worse enemy

Stardate 20040105.2321

(On Screen): The US Marines have a motto: "No better friend, no worse enemy." I'm glad they're on our side.

1st Marine Division and 3rd Infantry Division (mechanized) were the primary striking forces which reached Baghdad and attacked it last spring, winning the primary combat phase of the war. Now 1st Marine Division is going back.

They want to fill a shipping container with stuff to take with them to give to the people. Most of what they'll be taking will be for kids. Suppliers are lined up who will sell it cheap and they're hoping to raise money so they can stuff as much into that container as they can. Check it out here.

The majority of it will be passed out when they first arrive. The idea is to try to make the Iraqis also be glad the Marines are on their side, which the Marines would really like to be.

Since the Marines are going to the Sunni Triangle this time, that's pretty damned important.

I don't ask for contributions for this site, nor do I accept them even when offered spontaneously. But I'll ask for contributions for the Marines. What they're doing is a lot more important than anything I do, and they're taking far greater risks. I want them all to come home safely, and this will help.

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