USS Clueless - Giving the terrorists ideas

Stardate 20011231.1201

(On Screen): A looter in Afghanistan ripped off a computer left behind by al Qaeda, and later sold it to a reporter for the WSJ for $1100. It appears to contain numerous memos written within an organization which actually was organized a bit like a corporation. But one of the most telling quoted here is this:

Text files include an outline of an al-Qaida project to develop chemical and biological weapons, code-named al-Zabadi, Arabic for curdled milk, the newspaper said.

One memo, apparently written by al-Zawahri, says "the destructive power of these weapons is no less than that of nuclear weapons," the Journal said.

The memo adds that "we only became aware of them when the enemy drew our attention to them by repeatedly expressing concern that they can be produced simply."

In other words, they'd been reading all the speculation in the Western Press about what kinds of nasty surprises might be in store for us, and recognized good ideas when they saw them.

Choke, cough. Let's not be giving them any more good ideas, shall we? Sometimes the best thing you can do about a vulnerability is to keep quiet. I can think of all kinds of nasty things that terrorists could do that I have no intention whatever of revealing. Let them create their own plans.

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