USS Clueless - Crazy Horse Brothel

Stardate 20011230.2203

(On Screen via long range sensors): A group of investors are planning to build the "Crazy Horse Resort and Spa" (a legal brothel) just east of Reno. The American Indian Movement (AIM) object to the name. They claim it dishonors the memory of Crazy Horse, the Sioux war-chief who was largely responsible for the victory at the Battle of Little Bighorn. They claim they'll go to court. It's not obvious to me that they have any grounds for suit here, but they could tie up plans for years so it's no idle threat.

Apparently they're not aware of the fact that there is a lot of strip clubs around this country named "Crazy Horse": in Cleveland, Atlanta, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and probably a lot of other places. I think it's a chain.

Now they could make a case for trademark infringement if this new group is not related; clearly brothels and strip joints are in the same business. But given that these clubs have been in operation for decades in some cases it's difficult to see how the AIM could suddenly make a case for damage based on a new club also using the same name, even if they have standing to sue at all.

What next, the British Crown suing Victoria's Secret?

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