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Stardate 20011226.1647

Dawson Jackson has asked me to post the following note from Evan Williams about the current status of Blogger:

Hi, folks.

As most of you who were online today probably know already, Blogger was hacked yesterday (merry Christmas). I took it down this morning and have been investigating, etc, all day. I'm in the process of recovering and putting it back online now, but I haven't necessarily found the hole, so I'm doing so very cautiously. So, the API services have been down and will continue to be down until I'm able to tighten them up more, which probably won't be tonight (though I expect to have the main interface back up tonight).


This is why a lot of very popular sites are not updating right now, such as Instapundit, Ken Layne, Rantburg, Newsrack Blog, Bjørn Stærk, Inappropriate Response, More than Zero, Heretical Ideas, Dropscan, Tim Blair, Quasipundit, and a couple hundred thousand others (literally). Sites using Greymatter (Reductio ad Absurdum, Fredrik K.R. Norman), CityDesk (me) or Manila (Q Daily News) or other systems won't be affected. LGF uses its own tools. And a few sites are switching to a package called Movable Type, but I don't have any examples of that one yet.

So there is still life out here in blog-space without Blogger; you're just going to have to hunt a bit for it.

Update: It's back online again.

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