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Stardate 20011216.0941 (On Screen via long range sensors): I'm sad to report that we just lost the war in Afghanistan. Ted Rall says so, and he wouldn't lie to us. So how do you lose a war? That's easy: by setting the wrong goals.

In Rall's case, he proves that we lost the war by moving the goal posts. He fantasizes completely fictitious objects for the war and then demonstrates that we didn't achieve them. Quod erat demonstrandum.

We "intended" to instantly set up a liberal democracy in Afghanistan. The war's been over about six hours and it hasn't happen. Bingo! Failure. (And we never intended to do that, anyway.) We "expected" to completely annihilate al Qaeda solely by fighting in Afghanistan. But al Qaeda also operate elsewhere and those parts of it still exist. We failed.

Where does Rall get off? Is he so desperate to avoid admitting that he's made an ass of himself that he's become hallucinatory? A couple of days ago, a representative of the Taliban claimed that they would retake the nation within a month and would rule again. Rall ought to go hang out with that dude; he'd be right at home. (discuss)

Captured by MemoWeb from on 9/16/2004