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Other sources of information?

Here are some links of interest:

The CDMA Development Group (The Industry body for CDMA)
An Overview of CDMA Evolution toward Wideband CDMA (A nice technical piece I stumbled on while hunting for some other information)
Wireless FAQ from alt.cellular
Cell Phone antennas and Human Health (An excellent source!!!)
Berkana Productions Tower locator (Derived from the data in the FCC Geographic Licensing Resource, provides a very convenient web-based interface to access that data.)
CDMA vs TDMA (Steve Punter's take on the differences between the two)
Wireless PCS Antenna and Tower Sitings (a bit dated now, but very interesting discussion of cell issues)
An extended discussion of battery technologies
CDMA Online (contains an enormous amount of information about how CDMA works)

FCC documents:

FCC Spectrum assignments (Shows all largescale spectrum assignments from 137 Mhz to 10,000 Mhz)
Cellular Radiotelephone Services (FCC homepage for Cellular and PCS)
FCC Geographic Licensing Resource (Provides free downloadable datasets plus a link to a free program to permit you to create maps showing antenna locations)
Information on Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields (FCC info on dangers – or lack thereof – due to RF exposure from cell phones)
Safety Guidelines for Hand-held Cellular Telephones (The FCC response to the ABC "exposé")
Cellular Frequently Asked Questions (The last word on certain laws and other issues)

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