USS Clueless

Stardate 20020930.1920: Mean Green Meme
Stardate 20020930.1900: Seized uranium
Stardate 20020930.1439: Who's better?
Stardate 20020930.0512: They still don't get it.
Stardate 20020929.1157: Multiple logics
Stardate 20020929.0138: Non weapons grade
Stardate 20020928.2003: USC Hires
Stardate 20020928.0108: Yankee, come back!
Stardate 20020927.2136: Asymmetric deterrence
Stardate 20020927.1806: France and the UN
Stardate 20020927.1115: Direct sequence spread spectrum
Stardate 20020926.2336: A note to the crew
Stardate 20020926.1938: Rational left
Stardate 20020925.2305: Obscure energy sources
Stardate 20020925.1709: EU force projection
Stardate 20020924.2348: Missing the point
Stardate 20020924.1903: More practical problems
Stardate 20020924.1756: More on energy dependence
Stardate 20020924.1740: Shattering delusion
Stardate 20020924.1634: Energy dependence
Stardate 20020924.1606: Responses to German airspace
Stardate 20020923.2003: German airspace
Stardate 20020923.1627: Political energy independence
Stardate 20020923.1543: Look down the barrel of a gun
Stardate 20020923.1438: How will American policy towards Germany change?
Stardate 20020922.2002: German American Relations
Stardate 20020922.1628: The Essential Library
Stardate 20020922.1206: Foreign policy
Stardate 20020922.0952: News roundup
Stardate 20020921.2021: Sensitivity
Stardate 20020921.1641: Experts
Stardate 20020921.1612: Idealism and hallucination
Stardate 20020921.1332: Cosmic justice

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